Whether it’s a small, straightforward bathroom remodel or a complete home makeover … we bring the same attention to detail to every project. All remodeling projects have a degree of ‘unknown’ involved until the walls and ceilings are opened up. An experienced contractor can anticipate many of the particular challenges, but never all of them … always expect some surprises when remodeling.

This shoreline home was in need of a facelift. A new roof started things off, then new high-performance windows and doors, cedar shake siding and all new interior and exterior trim followed. The deteriorated concrete patio was removed and a new stamped concrete surface and stone border walls were installed. The new second floor deck with its sweeping views of the town harbor features exotic Cumaru decking and a unique cable railing system which provides an unobstructed field of vision.

The owner of this shoreline home was looking to open up the floorplan on its one level, update the kitchen, and add an ensuite bath in the master bedroom. This relatively straight-forward project involved removing walls to provide the open concept. New hardwood floors were installed throughout and a new kitchen layout was designed which provided more storage and more efficient working spaces.

The new owners of this grand beachfront home had just settled in after some cosmetic remodeling when hurricane Irene dealt them a massive blow. The existing collection of antiquated pier blockings under the house were undermined by the storm surge and wave action which left the structure precariously perched on an unstable foundation. Given the fact that the owners preferred not to raise the structure any, a plan was formed to access everything from above and maintain the existing footprint.

This riverfront home with breathtaking views up and down the Connecticut River was in need of a complete makeover. The cramped kitchen space was opened up and new windows allowed for a view most would dream of. Two existing bathrooms were completely remodeled, a half bath was added for guests and the new master bath suite with its grand soaking tub provides another million dollar view. The drab basement space was also given a complete facelift and now serves as an inviting space to unwind and enjoy the views.

This sprawling early 1900s home was in need of some updating, both structurally and from a design perspective. The project began when the existing cramped confines of the kitchen area were opened up to make way for an expansive new layout more fitting of the owners’ tastes. The new space provides plenty of room for entertaining and a clear view of Long Island Sound to enjoy. The projects that followed include a new roof system, fiber cement siding and interior bedroom and bathroom remodels to allow both for insulation in the wall cavities and updated designs.

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