Whether it’s a small, straightforward bathroom remodel or a complete home makeover … we bring the same attention to detail to every project. All remodeling projects have a degree of ‘unknown’ involved until the walls and ceilings are opened up. An experienced contractor can anticipate many of the particular challenges, but never all of them … always expect some surprises when remodeling.

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Breathing new life into an antique home can be a very rewarding experience, as much for the contractor as the owner. A thorough understanding of historical building methods as well as materials and finishes unique to the particular period of the home is essential. Also expect to become very friendly with the local historical society.

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New Construction

Starting with a clean slate affords an owner the opportunity to design and build a home, or addition, that is truly unique to them. Having a reputable contractor involved from the very beginning of the design phase will ensure that what looks good on paper is realistic for the given budget.

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