Madison Residence

The new owners of this grand beachfront home had just settled in after some cosmetic remodeling when hurricane Irene dealt them a massive blow. The existing collection of antiquated pier blockings under the house were undermined by the storm surge and wave action which left the structure precariously perched on an unstable foundation. Given the fact that the owners preferred not to raise the structure any, a plan was formed to access everything from above and maintain the existing footprint.

This meant tearing up all of the flooring and trim work on the main level to gain access for framing repairs and new piers. Eighty-five new footings and piers were excavated, formed and poured by hand with reinforced concrete to distribute the massive load effectively and prevent future damages. The majority of the carrying beams and floor joists, which had failed as well, were also replaced and the structure was mechanically tied to its new footings for the first time in its long history. A new HVAC system replaced the existing inefficient unit, and a Blue Duct system was used in place of the traditional galvanized ducting under the house. This ductwork can be dismantled and cleaned out if it were to be submerged in future storms, as opposed to having to completely replace a galvanized system. This proved a wise investment when, a year later, hurricane Sandy dealt another blow.

The main floor was re-wired, a new floor structure and select white oak flooring was installed and all of the intricate wood work was replaced exactly as it had been. The home was fully automated courtesy of a new Vantage control system, and new carpeting and a fresh coat of paint throughout the three levels completed the makeover. Exterior work included replacement of the expansive wrap around porch and siding repairs. The failed septic system was replaced, as was the landscaping and hardscapes.

The owners asked for a completion date that would allow them to entertain family and friends for the 4th of July holiday which gave us just under 4 months to complete the massive project. The keys were handed over to them on June 30th. When hurricane Sandy hit the following year, other than some minor cosmetic and landscape damages, as well as having to clean the Blue Duct system, the home emerged unscathed.