Through the years, our best reward without question has been a satisfied customer. More important than the financials of a project are the lasting and endearing friendships which result from them. These relationships are the result of the role we take as a trusted advisor versus a low cost provider. What better way for a person to learn about a company than to listen to these accolades from our clients.

"We have valued a long-standing relationship with Rick Brauchler, Jr. & Company. We first met several years ago when they were a contractor recommended by a designer, and we have trusted them on several large and small jobs ever since. Rick and his men stand behind their work and make sure it is done correctly the first time. Most importantly, the quality of personnel is top-notch and a pleasure to deal with!"

Mike & Lynn – Westbrook

"I contacted Rick for a project we were considering, and he came over to meet with us that very same day. A few days later he had a very professional proposal that was concise, yet clear. I was impressed that he explained a few details of the job in the proposal that other contractors failed to mention (or, perhaps, didn’t even notice). Rick’s crew was on the job exactly when promised. The end result was done right the first time, despite several complications that required extra man-hours to complete. Rick asked if I’d agree to pay for the additional labor, but he said he’d forego additional profit on the over-run, to which I readily agreed. We’ve definitely found our contractor for all future remodeling work!"

Thomas & Margarida – Guilford

"My wife and I have used Rick Brauchler, Jr. & Company for a variety of home improvement projects, both inside and out, large and small, for many years now. They remodeled our kitchen, turned a three season porch into a wonderful four season den, trim, custom carpentry, hung doors and a bunch of smaller projects around our house. There are many reasons for us continually choosing them to do our work. Most notable are they do fantastic work, are responsive, give great advice and they are extremely likable, and pleasures to have around when they are here working. You absolutely can not go wrong when you choose them to handle your project!"

Lee & Linda – Madison

"Building a house is one of the most stressful things anyone can do, that is, except for renovating an old house which can be even worse! Fortunately, we found Rick and his crew just in time! He built our new house for us, and renovated our second antique home as well, after other builders who looked at the project did not even know where to start."

"Rick’s expertise in the home construction process was invaluable, as was his patience and courtesy. Nothing was too much work for him, and he was able to simplify every process, easing our anxiety and protecting our budget. He and his crew are extremely talented and we found their work ethic to be beyond reproach, with every process calculated to stay on schedule and budget."

"Anyone who has been in the position of trusting an unscrupulous builder knows the dilemma of having the project underway when the builder announces there are extra costs, delays, new regulations and other factors that mean only one thing … more money! With Rick we found that he triple checked everything thoroughly, and there were no surprises. And, after the projects were finished, Rick was quickly available to fix or change anything that needed addressing."

"Rick has a reputation for the high-end work he has done for clients who demand only the best and are particular about every detail. We are not famous or rich, but we are picky, and expect things to be done right the first time. Luckily, we found Rick whose quality of work surpasses our expectations. From the smallest project to the most complicated one, we trust Rick implicitly!"

Brian & Linda – Clinton

"We want to thank you for making our renovation experience so effortless. We were apprehensive about starting such a huge remodel, but we are absolutely thrilled with the results you gave us. Working with you and your crew was truly an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Attention to detail was particularly important to us, and you really excelled in this area. The suggestions you gave us as the project went along helped make our home truly exceptional. Each room you remodeled (all seven of them!) exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with you again this fall. The sunroom really needs to be redone and we are so looking forward to seeing what it can become. Thank you again!"

Al & Bonnie – Deep River

"Rick hasn’t even done our kitchen yet, and I’m already so pleased with him. Throughout planning the project he has been nothing but accommodating, easy to work with, professional and kind. While getting quotes, another contractor was a bit rude to me when I had to stay within a budget. Not Rick. I can only tell you that I’ve been a huge pain in his butt (including having to lower my budget because my dog needed emergency surgery), and he has never been rude to me, or seemed put off. He has done everything to make sure I will get the kitchen I want for the price I need. He is always on time and is exceedingly knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!!"

Tony & Chelsea – Waterford

After being very satisfied with Rick's re-roofing and window replacement work on in our summer cottage in Westbrook in 2010, we hired his company again in January 2012 for renovations and an addition. The work is now complete and we could not be happier with the results and the experience.

He and his crew truly made this a 'turn-key' operation. Rick was on top of all aspects of the project. The importance of his good relationships with the various town departments can't be overstated!

Throughout the construction Rick was only an email or cell call away; and was always immediately responsive. He communicated quickly and accurately with his crews and with us. Even though he had several jobs going at once, he always made us feel like his only customer.

His crew chief was amazing. When he saw enhancements that could be made in our design he would speak up and ask 'did you think about doing this instead?' When challenges arose (as they do when tearing into a 60 year old structure) he knew the best ways to solve the problems. He was so skilled and so confident that we went with every one of his recommendations. That turned out to be a very smart thing to do!

If you are looking for quality, attentiveness, flexibility, and a highly skilled crew, you can't do better than Rick Braucher LLC. Our friends and family can't compliment them enough after seeing the results. We hosted a family reunion in July. Three cousins (all in the residential construction/renovation business) were highly complimentary of the work....though probably wondered why we hadn't called them. Sorry guys.

Dave & Geri – Westbrook

"Rick Brauchler has been a great help to us for many years. In June of 2010, he and his crew transformed our raw basement into a beautiful new office suite. We had worked with Rick in the past on some smaller projects so we contacted him again to give us a quote for the basement project. Rick reviewed the space, and after we made an offer on the house. Shortly after this, his architect visited us to determine our needs for the space. Rick then took the rough plans and translated them into a detailed proposal that would fit our budget. After comparing his quote to those of several other contractors, we found Rick’s to be far more detailed and all-inclusive, assuring us that there would be no ‘hidden costs.’"

"We are very happy with the finished product and look forward to going to work each day in the basement! His team worked efficiently, quickly and were very particular about leaving the space neat and orderly at the end of each work day. We have never seen a group of men work in such an organized fashion. We did realize, many months after the project was complete, that one of the doors was not closing properly. Rick told us that it was important to be correct, and the following week he came out to fix it."

"It is hard to find someone you can trust these days in the construction business, so when someone is good, it is important to recognize that! We highly recommend Rick and his crew for any renovation or new construction project."

Alan & Christine – Guilford

I recently had the pleasure of working with Rick Brauchler Jr. and his team. We had a complete master bathroom renovation and we are 100% thrilled with the results. Having lived through many renovations in the past I honestly can say, this experience was a pleasure. Sadly, I have gone through the horror stories most people share about their renovation experiences, i.e  having the renovation take months and months longer, having people that never show for the job, finding out the job would be thousands and thousands of dollars different than the original contract, the list goes on. Not Rick. He possesses all the attributes a home owner would want in a contractor, he is honest, responsible, knows his work and has a fabulous eye. His team respects him and they work amazingly well together. There was consistent communication between the team and me, never did a question or concern go unanswered. My bathroom came out gorgeous, so gorgeous it is soon to be professionally photographed for HOUZZ. More important is the work under the finished product: wiring, heating plumbing, sheet rocking, tiling, and electricity etc…all done by extremely qualified, competent and artistic people. Rick always presented options that I would never have considered, for example, a timer for the heated floor, a timer for the towel rack, all part of a professional’s job, but unknown to me, the homeowner.

We started this job this past winter of 2013-14, in the middle of one of the worst winters in memory. The snow set us back repeatedly, but not for Rick and his gang, they would always make up for lost time, they would work weekends or late, Rick would personally sand my driveway to get the trucks through the snow and ice! My husband and I both work all day and left Rick and his team alone always, never was there a disappointment, we would come home to a clean work area, with progress always made.

We highly recommend Rick Brauchler and his team, the results will be amazing, and the experience rewarding.

Ellen & Howard - Guilford

It is our pleasure to provide a glowing testimonial for Rick Brauchler. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and professional contractor with excellent character look no further. We just completed a large renovation of a beach house. The challenge was to undergo this project from 2,000 miles away! What a recipe for disaster! It actually was generally enjoyable despite several unforeseen structural problems with the house. In these instances , Rick was able to negotiate with the professionals that he has built relationships with to keep our new costs down. This attests to his years in the business building relationships with other professionals which in turn helps the customer. Communication with Rick was easy despite the distance. He is easily accessible by phone and e-mail. He has a genuine and pleasant manner and is easy to work with. Never did our decisions feel rushed and he provided input when needed.

Rick's crew did excellent work. At the completion of the project we went through the "punch list" which was to make sure everything was completed correctly. Rick and his crew completed all to our liking and also completed additional add-ons that we asked for.

Thank you Rick for the transformation of our cottage into a beautiful home! We definitely will work with you again on future projects.

Liz Moss - Old Saybrook